Grace Manifesto

The following is a direct excerpt from my journal on September 22, 2016. Context: I was living in a house with 43 other 20 and 30 somethings in a small Romanian village. Being surrounded by so many people at any given moment exposes all of your insufficiencies in one capacity or another. I was trying to serve […]

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Scandalous and Progressive Touch

I’ve received several specific invitations from the Lord for the month of February; a deepened prayer life, blogging daily to share how He’s working in and through me, and reading through the Gospels (the first four books of the New Testament) for the (20th? 30th?) time. The beautiful thing is, these truly feel like an invitation […]

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Jesus in a Kroger Parking Lot

After going to a new-to-me church this morning (I arrived a solid 45 minutes late although I intended to arrive 15 minutes early. Awkward. Their website with service times hasn’t been updated in a while. But they were gracious and it was lovely.), I stopped by Kroger on the way home to get tilapia and […]

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Goodness Like Broccoli

Instead of new year’s resolutions, for the past several years the Lord has given me one word. One word to shape my daily thoughts, and choices, and actions, which in turn, shape my entire year. 2017 is my year of Goodness. One of the scriptures I’m leaning into this year is Psalm 34:8 – “Oh […]

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Cliff Jumping While Terrified

The following is an entry from my journal on September 13, 2016. Context: I was on the beaches of Chalcidice, Greece with the World Race squad I mentor. Two of our Racers had just gotten baptized and other of my Racers shared the gospel with lounging and questioning onlookers. Praise. We then hiked for a few […]

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Weeping in my Driveway

I was given a car. Like, “no strings attached, sign your name on the title as the new owner, and here’s some cash to fill up the gas tank” given a car. I need to share this beautiful testimony of provision. And I’m coming out of my unintentionally ridiculously lengthy blogging sabbatical to do so. Last June, I moved […]

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