wonder & my mind’s eye

So often for me, the canvas for encounters with the Lord come through songs. There’s something about words partnered with melody in rhythm and cadence that makes my soul dance and my imagination run wild.

A few weeks ago I listened to this song on repeat, and the line, “May we be just like a child staring at the beauty of the King” brought a tender little scene to my mind’s eye:

Immediately I saw a child in the throne room, captivated by the ornate embroidery of the King’s garments.

“Daddy, can I try on your robes?” the young voice asked.

“Of course! And you know you have your own robes that I made just for you that are just your size.”

“Yeah, but I wanna wear Yours, Daddy.”

“Ok baby. When you wear them, people might think you’re Me,” said the King with a smile in His eyes.”

“But You’re big and I’m little!”

“You’re big on the inside.”


Thanks, Daddy…Abba…for giving this wonder-filled little princess Your robes.

Your authority.

Your heart.

You are beautiful in all Your ways.


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