In Thailand last month, during a team time of the team I partnering with for the week, one of the Racers gave us all the instruction, “Write a love letter to God.”  Words just spilled from my heart to my journal pages as I took the time to express my love to my Jesus. Nothing uncloaks the soul quite like an unabashed declaration of love. Le voila:

Dearest Abba,

You strip me of fear. No longer do I sit with bated breath as I try to unravel anxious anticipation about what lies ahead.

But I breath easy,

     and deeply,

          and fully,

because You – Your love lies ahead.

And behind.

And within.

And your love eclipses any worry. Dearest Abba, You truly strip me of fear.

You label me as altogether lovely; worthy of You. Completely. And this loveliness, You say, will never fade. Even when I unintentionally attempt to lessen it with my own feelings of unworthiness, “LovelyAltogether,” You relentlessly proclaim.

I adore Your relentlessness,

because the more I hear of Your love for me,

the more I perceive

and believe

and receive it.

Thank You for Your ceaseless pursuit.

I love that You grant unuttered requests and that You satisfy even unspoken and small desires. Because, nothing is too small for Your love to infiltrate.

You are a good Father,

An attentive Lover,

A gentle sustainer,

And You are mine.

How can it be that You truly withhold not one drop of Your love from me, yet, with only one drop of Your love, I am filled?

Precious Jesus, I most deeply desire to abide in You.

In awe of You.

In love with You.



In sharing my letter to Him here with you, I pray that you see that all these things I find in Him, He longs to be – and IS – to you. 

How I love Him. How He loves me. How He loves YOU.

From my heart,



One thought on “Naked

  1. Inspired again. I repeat my hope that you are saving these as they will make an awesome daily devotional for others to use in prayer. I want a copy.💖


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