The months have melted down to days until I leave the States for the World Race – again. This time, co-leading N Squad, a group of 51 men and women, for the first five of their 11-countries-in-11-months journey.

The Philippines





I am so ready for this. So excited. So humbled. I am so grateful for the desire, the ability, and the opportunity; and so blessed that all three coincide.

I cherish the time I spent home from the end of my Race to the beginning of Squad Leading. Those days were filled with working, – custodial duties and after school sitting my “mini-men” – creating music and art, and great times with dear friends.

I loved this season.

So much growth took place. I grieved the closing of it.

I had to learn the discipline of grieving. Acknowledging pain hasn’t ever been easy for me. Especially the pain of something ending.

Yet, as this season ends, a new one begins. This one, again, full. And I find myself, again, with a beautiful weight.

The weight of showing the love of Christ to diverse places.

The weight of discipleship, and shaping hearts to share this rich love.

The weight of furthering the Kingdom of God as the Kingdom further enters my heart.

And so I go. With N Squad. #NtotheNations

From my heart,

Erika Venese


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