Lessons from Snowvember

Gazing out my frosty window from the warmth of my living room, I would assume my present season to be “in the throes of winter.” The lawns and houses of my neighborhood, and all things in between, nestle beneath a thick blanket of glistening snow. Frigid yet beautiful.

However, winter has not officially begun. According to the books, it won’t begin until December 21! Colorful leaves still cling to many deciduous branches, and pumpkins, albeit ice-covered ones, adorn many-a front porch.

This is not a disgruntled rant about the brief life of autumn, my favorite season, but a reminder: Looks can be deceiving. Even when all evidence points to a certain truth, that truth could very well be false.

Remember that shepherd-king I hold in high regard? Well, he didn’t inherit his throne. A certain man received insight from the Lord that the next king would be one of the sons of man named Jesse. Jesse gathered them together to meet this guy. I’d like to think with a certain amount of pride – “The next king of my nation will be one of MY boys.”

However, the shepherd-king, technically only “shepherd” at this point, wasn’t even invited to this meeting. “Gee, thanks, Dad…” So unlikely did it seem that he would be chosen as king, that his father felt it altogether unnecessary to include him. He actually had to be called in from being in the fields with his sheep to meet the man that would name him future king.

If he looks like a shepherd,

And walks like a shepherd,

And talks like a shepherd,

And smells like a shepherd,

He might be a king.

Looks can be deceiving. Sometimes, I’m the shepherd unknowingly awaiting my coronation. And sometimes I’m the shepherd’s father who sees only pastures, not palaces, in his son’s future. Either way, I strive to grow. To grow in seeing things – and people – for what and who they are. Always worthy of love and full of potential; sometimes in the form of untouched piles of golden leaves covered by mountains of snow.

From my heart,



2 thoughts on “Lessons from Snowvember

  1. He didn’t want to be king. We still don’t respect that wish…teacher, servant, savior in many ways…so much deeper than king😊


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