January Doesn’t Exist

Just four months ago, I was in South Africa. There, I closed my World Race journey with 43 other people who became my family over the course of eleven months. Just seven weeks from now, I’ll be in the Philippines. I will be co-leading a group of over 50 men and women as they begin their own World Race.

It’s true; I’m on the cusp of another amazing season of partnering with some of God’s people in diverse places around the globe. Yes, I have the honor of passing wisdom I gleaned during my World Race to people who are in the shoes I wore a year ago.

But that’s in January. And – contrary to what calendar manufacturers would like you to think – January doesn’t currently exist.

Jim Elliot once wisely said, “Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”

Those are frequently quoted words in World Race culture. Since we only spent one month in each country, being present and focused was the best way to make our time count. But, the depth of this wisdom has become even more impacting right now, the time between my World Race journeys.

Now? My “meanwhile” adventure? It’s in the lovely Midwest and mainly involves vacuums and footballs.

Two jobs fell into my lap; I’m a church custodian and an after-school babysitter of two grade school boys. I never envisioned myself being paid by a church to stand behind a cleaning cart (and not a keyboard). Nor did I think I could develop such deep connections with two little guys who think burps are funny and who know more about X-Box, football, and Nerf warfare than I ever could.

But I am. And I have. And I love it.

I’m not solely focused on the life I will live in January. Though it will be wonderful. And stretching. And full. By doing so, I’d leave these in between days empty.

All I have – all anyone has – is this very moment. And on the brink of epic and exciting moments that do not yet exist, I choose to fully love, and serve, and grow right where I am.

Because this moment does indeed exist, and I refuse to leave its potential untouched.

From my heart,



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