Comings and Goings – Welcome

Welcome, one and all, to my little corner of the Internet world, “Numbered Wanderings.” The inspiration behind this – perhaps odd – blog name comes from one my favorite reads – a divinely inspired book of ancient Hebrew songs. Songs of both rejoicing and lament. The author was a shepherd-turned-king with a crazy life story of overcoming obstacles. Both circumstantial, and from his own heart.

“You number my wanderings; You put my tears into Your bottle. Are they not in Your book?” this shepherd-king writes.

His wanderings were not always pleasant. Sometimes, he fled from the hot pursuit of those who wanted to take his life.

His tears most likely were not few. However, I imagine they were not always tears of sorrow. These tears might sometimes have been liquid language; the awestruck responses that his life was not insignificant to the One who kept track of his many comings and goings, all while sustaining him through the journey.

I, too, am sometimes overwhelmed that my life bears such significance to the Creator of it. That no place to which I wander, internal nor external, goes unnoticed. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA I invite you to join me on my journey here, and hopefully glean that your own life and wanderings, your comings and goings, are wildly significant.

From my heart,



4 thoughts on “Comings and Goings – Welcome

    1. I love this so, so, very much. Liquid language, yes!, is the nonverbal communication with which intimate friends connect. Thanks for sharing your heart.


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