Dreaming of Envelopes

I’m a dreamer. As in, my sleeping hours are often filled with vivid imagery and rich plots. Often, I perceive truths through my dreams in such clarity that, upon waking, I immediately jot down the dreams in my journal to keep record of them. Such was the case this morning. I awoke with a specific […]

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This “To” Shall Pass

Since I lost my dad to cancer going on three years ago, (I actually hate that phrase…he’s not at all lost, just not on earth any longer…) I’ve gained a lot. I’ve gained deepened reliance on the Lord as Comforter. I’ve gained an increasingly precious regard for Him as Father. I’ve gained perspective of Christ’s goodness and nearness […]

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Logs & Specks

(Firstly, a kind thank you to everyone who extended such genuine concern and compassion regarding how I’m doing after reading my last post. It’s beautiful how sharing things, even the hard and sad and messy things, truly distributes their weight, making them easier to bear. Thank you. More wholeness lies yet ahead for me. As does more […]

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In That Moment

Disclaimer: this is weighty. I share my emotions and what I gleaned from a recent sexual assault. Context: I had arrived in Zambia a few days prior and was processing something that happened to me during my travels there. Due to a flight delay, I had a 24 hour layover in Dubai and I was put […]

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wonder & my mind’s eye

So often for me, the canvas for encounters with the Lord come through songs. There’s something about words partnered with melody in rhythm and cadence that makes my soul dance and my imagination run wild. A few weeks ago I listened to this song on repeat, and the line, “May we be just like a child […]

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